Saturday, February 7, 2009


Food log for Thursday, February 05, 2009:

Breakfast- 2 pumpkin walnut muffins, english breakfast tea

Lunch- peppered turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with mustard and swiss cheese, banana (repeated again, sigh)

Snack- 3 gingerbread cookies (can't help myself)

Dinner- romaine lettuce with balsamic vinaigrette, walnuts and avocado; cheese pizza with green pepper; killian's

Food log for Friday, February 06, 2009:

Breakfast- 2 pumpkin walnut muffins

Lunch- pita with hummus, avocado, green pepper; apple

Snack- watermelon jolly rancher

Dinner- spaghetti, boiled cabbage, killian's

Snack- gingerbread cookie

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