Monday, February 2, 2009


Food log for Sunday, February 01, 2009:

Breakfast- paczki (don't worry, we're out now)

Lunch- left-over onion and green pepper pizza

Snack- 2 pumpkin walnut muffins, generous cup of english breakfast tea

Dinner- pulled pork sandwhich, lima beans

Snack- gingerbread (groundhog-shaped) cookie

Food log for Monday, February 02, 2009:

Breakfast- 2 pumpkin walnut muffins, banana

Lunch- tuna salad pita (tuna, hummus, romaine, green pepper, whole grain pita)
, apple

Snack- chex mix

Dinner- spaghetti, stuffed zucchini, hot chocolate
, gingerbread (groundhog-shaped) cookie, vitamin

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